CMX CX Ultra 2 Amoled Smartwatch

CMX CX Ultra 2 Amoled Smartwatch


  • App Name: WearFit Pro
  • Display: Super AMOLED Display
  • Strap Size: 49mm
  • ChatGPT supported
  • Application market
  • AI Watch Face
  • Local Music Recording
  • Sleek design
  • Long battery life
  • Bright and easy-to-read AMOLED display
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Advanced health and fitness tracking features
  • Smart features such as notifications, music playback control, and calling
  • 7 Days Warranty (If there are any Manufacturing Defects).

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CMX CX Ultra 2 Amoled Smartwatch Price In Bangladesh

The CMX CX Ultra 2 AMOLED Smartwatch is a highly regarded smartwatch known for its sleek design, long battery life, and advanced features.

Key Features:

  1. Display:
    • Type: Super AMOLED
    • Size: 1.7 inches
    • Brightness: Easy to read, even in direct sunlight
  2. Water Resistance:
    • Rating: Up to 50 meters, suitable for swimming and other outdoor activities
  3. Health and Fitness Tracking:
    • Heart Rate Monitor: Monitors your heart rate continuously
    • Sleep Tracker: Analyzes sleep patterns
    • GPS Tracker: Tracks your outdoor activities
    • Steps and Calories: Tracks steps taken and calories burned
  4. Smart Features:
    • Notifications: Receive notifications from your phone
    • Music Playback Control: Control your music directly from the watch
    • Calling: Make and receive calls
    • App Support: Compatible with the WearFit Pro app
    • AI Watch Face: Customizable watch faces with AI
    • Local Music Recording: Store and play music directly from the watch
  5. Design:
    • Strap Size: 49mm
    • Sleek and Stylish: Modern and stylish design suitable for various occasions
  6. Battery Life:
    • Long-lasting: Designed for extended use without frequent charging

CMX CX Ultra 2 Amoled Smartwatch - Orange Color


  • App Name: WearFit Pro
  • Display: Super AMOLED
  • Strap Size: 49mm
  • Water Resistance: Up to 50 meters
  • Supported Features: ChatGPT, application market, AI watch face, local music recording
  • Health Tracking: Heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, GPS tracker, steps, and calories
  • Smart Functions: Notifications, music playback control, calling


The CMX CX Ultra 2 AMOLED Smartwatch is an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish, functional, and affordable smartwatch. Its advanced health and fitness tracking features, combined with smart capabilities such as notifications and music control, make it a versatile accessory for both everyday wear and fitness activities. Available in Bangladesh, this smartwatch offers a comprehensive package of features at a competitive price.


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