EWA A103 Bluetooth Speaker in Bangladesh

EWA A103 Bluetooth Speaker in Bangladesh

EWA A103 Bluetooth Speaker in Bangladesh

  •  It has better sound quality and bass function.
  •  The battery is durable, with a fast charging time.
  •  Easy to carry, stylish appearance.
  •  Excellent quality, metal body.
  •  7 Days Warranty

Product Code: 1014914-skyblue



EWA A103 Bluetooth Speaker in Bangladesh

The EWA A103 Bluetooth Speaker is a portable audio device that combines impressive sound quality, long-lasting battery life, and sleek design, making it an ideal companion for music lovers on the go. Here’s a closer look at its key features:


  1. Enhanced Sound Quality and Bass Function: Experience rich, immersive sound with enhanced bass performance, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music with depth and clarity.
  2. Durable Battery with Fast Charging: The speaker is equipped with a durable battery that offers extended playback time on a single charge. Additionally, it supports fast charging, ensuring that you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your music.
  3. Portable and Stylish Design: With its compact and lightweight design, the EWA A103 speaker is easy to carry wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling, relaxing at home, or enjoying outdoor activities, this speaker adds style and convenience to your audio experience.
  4. Excellent Build Quality: The speaker features a metal body construction that not only enhances its durability but also adds a premium look and feel. This ensures long-term reliability and performance, even in demanding environments.


  • Bluetooth Version: Advanced Bluetooth technology for seamless wireless connectivity with your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Sound Quality: High-fidelity audio reproduction with balanced sound and enhanced bass response for an immersive listening experience.
  • Battery Life: Long-lasting battery provides extended playback time, allowing you to enjoy music for hours on end without interruption.
  • Fast Charging: Quick charging feature enables rapid replenishment of the battery, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous use.
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry the speaker with you wherever you go, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.
  • Stylish Appearance: Sleek and modern design adds a touch of style to any environment, complementing your personal aesthetic.
  • Durability: Sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure reliable performance and longevity, even with frequent use.

The EWA A103 Bluetooth Speaker offers a perfect blend of performance, portability, and style, making it an excellent choice for music enthusiasts in Bangladesh who demand quality audio wherever they go.


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