Geepas GSB5080N 550W 3-In-1 Mixer Grinder

Geepas GSB5080N 550W 3-In-1 Mixer Grinder

A stay cool base motor unit with vacuum rubber feet make it safe while operating and allow vibration free grinding.

3 Speed Dial

Switch the dial as you need the blending with the powerful motor gives you a fine grinding of the hard ingredients in just few minutes and saves time while cooking.


Harmonic grinding technology with specially designed stainless steel blades for superfine grinding

  • 2 Year Warranty

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Geepas GSB5080N 550W 3-In-1 Mixer Grinder Price in Bangladesh

Introducing the Geepas GSB5080N 3-In-1 Mixer Grinder, a powerhouse kitchen appliance engineered to simplify your meal preparation process. Boasting a robust 550W copper motor, this grinder ensures effortless grinding and blending, thanks to its harmonic grinding technology. With the ability to finely grind even the toughest ingredients, such as spices, garlic, onions, salsa, and sauces, cooking becomes a breeze.

Equipped with three durable stainless steel jars, this mixer grinder offers versatility for grinding, blending, and juicing tasks. The swirl control feature and replaceable blades prevent spillage, ensuring a mess-free experience. For added safety and durability, each jar is designed with a twist-lock mechanism.

Geepas GSB5080N 550W 3-In-1 Mixer Grinder

Whether you’re tackling dry or wet ingredients, the Geepas GSB5080N has you covered with its dual-purpose grinding blades. Achieve smooth textures for smoothies, batters, and purees effortlessly. Take command of your culinary creations with the three-speed control function, allowing you to adjust the intensity of grinding and mixing to suit your preferences.

Safety is paramount with the Geepas GSB5080N mixer grinder. Built-in overload protection ensures the appliance operates safely, providing peace of mind during use. The non-slip rubber feet enhance stability, guaranteeing the mixer stays securely in place while in operation, prioritizing your health and safety.

Experience unmatched convenience and efficiency in your kitchen with the Geepas GSB5080N 3-In-1 Mixer Grinder. From grinding spices to preparing smoothies, this versatile appliance is your go-to solution for all your culinary needs. Upgrade your cooking experience and unleash your creativity with this reliable and powerful grinder from Geepas.


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