Geepas GSL5564 Rechargeable LED Search Light

Geepas GSL5564 Rechargeable LED Search Light

  • 5W mega luminous hi-power LED
  • Sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery
  • 4-hours continuous working strong light
  • 16-hours continuous working low light
  • Charging time 12-15 hours full charge
  • On/off switch, charging indicator
  • AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • 4V6Ah hi-power battery capacity
  • 1 Year Warranty

Product Code: 1013671



The Geepas GSL5564 Rechargeable LED Search Light is a powerful and reliable lighting solution suitable for various purposes. Here are its key features and specifications:


  • 5W mega luminous hi-power LED: Provides bright illumination for effective search and lighting.
  • Sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery: Offers convenience with rechargeable functionality.
  • 4-hours continuous working on strong light: Ensures prolonged usage without frequent recharging.
  • 16-hours continuous working on low light: Extended runtime for low-light settings.
  • Charging time 12-15 hours for full charge: Allows for overnight charging to ensure readiness.
  • On/off switch and charging indicator: Easy-to-use controls with clear indicators for charging status.
  • AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz: Compatible with standard electrical outlets.
  • 4V6Ah hi-power battery capacity: Provides sufficient power for extended operation.

Geepas GSL5564 Rechargeable LED Search Light

This searchlight is ideal for various applications, including outdoor activities, emergencies, camping, and more. With its powerful LED light, rechargeable battery, and long working hours, it offers reliability and versatility in lighting solutions.

For pricing and availability in Bangladesh, it is recommended to check with local retailers or online stores that carry Geepas products.


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