Mecha K07 Transparent Wireless Speaker

Mecha K07 Transparent Wireless Speaker


  • Material: ABS+PC+ alloy
  • Bluetooth version: V5.0
  • Frequency response range: 60Hz-15 KHZ
  • SNR: ≥85dB
  • Box material: plastic
  • Color: Transparent black
  • Specification: K07
  • Power mode: USB
  • Waterproof class: Not waterproof
  • Battery capacity: 600mAh
  • Duration of music: 5.5 hours (70 percent)
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Size: 96.554.441mm
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Mecha K07 Transparent Wireless Speaker Price in Bangladesh

The K07 Transparent Mecha Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a small, portable speaker with a unique transparent design. It features a built-in speaker and subwoofer, as well as LED lights that can be customized to create a variety of different lighting effects. The K07 is also water-resistant, making it perfect for use outdoors.

The K07 Transparent Mecha Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a stylish and portable speaker with impressive features. Here’s the overview:


  • Super Loud and Clear Sound: Despite its small size, this speaker delivers room-filling loudness and crystal clear sound with impressive bass, thanks to its high-performance driver.
  • 3 LED Light Patterns: Enjoy a mesmerizing LED light show with three patterns of LED lights that can be synchronized with your music.
  • Stable Bluetooth Connection: Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a stable signal and high transmission rate, ensuring reliable connectivity with all iOS and Android devices, computers, and Echo Series, with a range of up to 33 feet.
  • True Wireless Stereo: Supports true wireless stereo technology, allowing two speakers to play music synchronously, creating a wireless left and right channel system for true stereo sound.
  • Delicate and Transparent Design: Constructed with clear acrylic and environmentally friendly ABS, beautifully designed to be an ideal gift for any occasion. Perfect for outdoor camping, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations.
  • Mecha K07 Transparent Wireless Speaker


  • Material: ABS+PC+Alloy
  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0
  • Frequency Response Range: 60Hz-15 KHz
  • SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio): ≥85dB
  • Box Material: Plastic
  • Color: Transparent Black
  • Model: K07
  • Power Mode: USB
  • Waterproof Class: Not Waterproof
  • Battery Capacity: 600mAh
  • Music Playback Duration: 5.5 hours (at 70% volume)
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours
  • Size: 96.5 x 54.4 x 41mm

With its unique design, impressive sound quality, and customizable LED lights, the K07 Transparent Mecha Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish and versatile speaker for various occasions.


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