QCY Watch GS Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

QCY Watch GS Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

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Health and Fitness:

  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring for proactive health management.
  • Over 100 sports modes for versatile fitness tracking.
  • Accurate sensors for detailed insights into your workout progress.
  • Official 1-year warranty

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QCY Watch GS Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch Price In Bangladesh

The QCY Watch GS Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch offers a range of features tailored to enhance your lifestyle and well-being in Bangladesh. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Vivid Display: Enjoy crisp and clear visuals on the 2.02-inch HD TFT display with a resolution of 320*385 pixels, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.

Customizable Watch Faces: Access a diverse collection of over 100 beautiful watch faces via the QCY APP, allowing you to personalize your smartwatch to match your mood and style effortlessly.


Health Monitoring: Stay proactive about your health with the built-in 24-hour heart rate monitor, providing continuous tracking and alerts for potential heart conditions.

Fitness Tracking: With support for over 100 sports modes, the QCY Watch GS is your perfect fitness companion. High-accuracy sensors accurately track calorie burn and workout duration, providing valuable insights into your fitness progress.

Extended Battery Life: Equipped with low-power consumption chips, the QCY Watch GS ensures an impressive 10-day battery life on a single charge. Enjoy uninterrupted usage without the hassle of frequent recharging.

Personalization: Tailor your smartwatch to reflect your unique preferences and style. Choose from a variety of watch faces and customize settings to suit your individual needs.

Health and Fitness: Take control of your well-being with 24-hour heart rate monitoring and versatile fitness tracking capabilities. Monitor your health proactively and track your progress across a wide range of sports activities.

Extended Usage: The QCY Watch GS is designed to accompany you throughout your day, thanks to its extended battery life. Enjoy all the features and functionalities without worrying about running out of power.

The QCY Watch GS Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch offers a perfect blend of style, functionality, and health monitoring features, making it an indispensable companion for your daily life in Bangladesh.

QCY Smart Watches GS

Behold the 2.02-Inch Wonder: Brace yourself for a visual feast on our colossal TFT touchscreen.

Resolution Revolution: With a jaw-dropping 320×502 resolution and a hip 60Hz refresh rate, witness visuals so sharp they’ll cut through the mundane like a ninja through butter.

Zinc Alloy Magic: Your wrist deserves more than just a watch; it deserves a companion crafted in the finest zinc alloy.

Dial it Up: Transform your wrist into a canvas with a treasure trove of 100+ watch faces for 100+ moods.

Bluetooth Bling & Musical Freedom: Cut the cords, not the style! Take calls and rock out to your favorite tunes seamlessly through Bluetooth.

Sport Mode Overload: Choose your sport, any sport! With over 100 professional sports modes, your wrist is now your personal trainer, cheerleader, and scorekeeper.

IPX8 Waterproof: Dive Deep, Dance in the Rain. Fear no water – our watch laughs in the face of splashes and dives with an IPX8 waterproof rating. Rain or shine, your wrist is the life of the party.


QCY Watch GS

Large Display

2.02-inch HD TFT display

With its 78% higher screen-to-body ratio and 320*385 pixels,

this watch gives you a view to savor

Dazzling Watch Faces to Choose

100+ watch faces

With over 100 exquisite watch faces to browse via QCY APP, including sport, simple, business and dynamic styles,

all you need to do is experience something new everyday. Besides,

you can make your own picture as the watch face

Call on Your Watch

Bluetooth call

Answer incoming calls on your watch to make your life easier

Keep Up with Your Health

Keep Moving Forward

Over 100 sport modes

The embedded high-accuracy sensors help you keep track of how many calories

you’re consuming and how long you’ve exercised at a glance in more than 100 sports

Go for Your Target

Daily activity records

QCY Watch GS helps record your steps, calorie consumption and walking distance

everyday so set a goal and finish it today

10-day Battery Life

Magnetic charge

One charge means 10 days’ battery life,

thanks to the low power consumption chips.



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